Hello! This is Vincent Wang. I am currently a senior at Needham High School.

I was born in 2003 to a Chinese family in Washington, United States. I have mostly living in North America. In one side of me I’m proud of my identity as a Chinese, on the other side, I have been living in many places in North America, including Washington, Oregon, Florida, Massachusetts, and Toronto, Canada. I love the culture and nature in North America too.

With the new coming opportunity of bright future to goto college, I’m facinated by the number of great choices I have. At same time, I was also very nervous, and want to make great choices at the first most import choice (for myself to make) and want the make the most of my potentials.

In here, I want try my best to show different aspect of me, and hope to make new good friends, connect with old friends, and showcase my idea and thoughts.

Thanks for visiting.