My Hobbies


In my free time I enjoy many different types of activities. I love spending time in nature and outdoors, and from a young age I have held a fascination with plants and animals. I am also extremely curious and love to learn about anything. I also enjoy reading nonfiction and keeping myself informed on recent events, especially in the geopolitical or technology sectors.

I have always enjoyed reading books. More than just entertainment, stories represent an escape from the monotony of day to day life. Among my favorite novels are the little prince, Catch 22, The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, and all quiet on the western front.


I enjoy nature and the outdoors, so it’s only natural that I would have an appreciation for growing plant life, especially exotic species. I have a collection of carnivorous plants, including native species such as Sarracenia Purpurea ssp. Purpurea. I find these plants fascinating, with their extreme specializations that allow them to thrive in low nutrient environments. In addition, I also have various cacti and houseplants, and my dad maintains a vegetable garden in the backyard.


My family often goes on trips to various parks and gardens, and as a result I enjoy exploring the outdoors and hiking. I often take long walks through nearby trails in my town. Needham has a surprising amount of trails for such a small town, ranging from the town forest to Rosemary pond, and I have explored the majority of them.


I like fishing, although was not really doing it for the last two years.


Yes, this is not kidding, coding/writing is my hobby. Nowadays, especially due to COVID19, it’s harder and harder to meet and talk with friends and relatives. We have more time leave to ourselves. I like to write my ideas through coding/writing to let others know myself. In some way, this works better for me, because I have more time to think about and polish my idea, and become better by being polished on writing and everything.

Besides this website, I also lingering though couple other online chatting tools, sharing platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc.