My Vision And Goal

As everyone could understand, senior year in High School is not easy, full of pressure and excitements, future is with risks and opportunities. The biggest challenges is, as my parents says, we are not reliable yet, but have to sit in the driver’s seat, even we are not capable of doing that. Because we don’t have a choice, and parents don’t have a choice. First time in our life, the complexity of the situation we are facing is beyond the the level of those past ones, when our parents can help us make the decision.

Given this situation, it’s very important to think about the situation, the choices we are facing and the consequences, but don’t over think it, make good decision about our future. Because this is my future. First time in my life, I feel the future of my life in within my reach, (but not in my hand yet). I have to be work hard, work smart, be smart, put all these together, to be progressive, and keep progressive as much as possible to make my goal.

So to start with, I start to realize, I have to have the vision of my future, and make the choice, and work hart to reach for it.

So here I would talk about three things: My assets, my vision and goal, and my plan to achieve it. In term of long term future carea, and short term of a year or two’s range.

My Dream and Goal:

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to enter the stem field when I grew up. Although my exact interests have changed over time, my interest for all things science related. When I was a young child, because most my books and movies about marine animal, I dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. Later I like to become a botanist, just because, as I grow older, I found the ocean is so far to reach. Right now, as my knowledge of science expanded, and get exposed and I become more excited on the complexity of real science and engineering. I am planning to enter the CS field, or some applied math field. My plans may change again, but I’m not afraid of it, or disappointed about it. As my interest over marine animal and my love over plants never faded away, it’s just become completed by something even bigger and better.

If I found something more exciting the computer, I’m sure my fond of computer and my understanding of coding skills (although still very limited) would become a great help for my new career.

My assets:

I have to admit, fulfilling my goal is not easy. As for all the engineering schools, computer science is always the most competitive department.

But I don’t want to easily give up my dreams. Although my GPA as school has more to be desired. If I make up my mind and dedicated myself to work on it, I’m confident that I can make my dream a reality.

So these is not really my dream, it’s a reality, it’s real. It’s just reality before being realized. As for sure there are a lot of challenge, but I have my own assets despite my not so great GPA.

First, someone can see through through the GPA, my background more solid than it look like. As everyone has to agree, GPA is more favorable for though can run daily job, pickup well whatever taught in classroom, and do well in test and homework. But for me, especially in my early years, I’m more driven my enthusiasm, and ran into problem of time management. And sometime fall into trap of perfectness of very small part, lose control of the whole situation. Although I have constantly improving on that, but that impacted my GPA, but pushed my potentials into behind the number, which one can only see sparkling points in my score history. (like solid mathematics performance, shining points in the same class, dragged by disappointing homework or test quizes). Although I have to be realistic and facing the reality of my self. I believe if I work hard in senior year, and dedicated to look for my dream, there will be some opportunity that can work through.

Second, my fascination on science and engineer is driven by my interests, and supported by my real understanding of the field and myself. My personality is controversial, I’m better at constructive and abstract thinking. When I browsing a web, I often fall into the thinking of how the technology was done, and can I do it myself, maybe differently from their way of doing it with what was given to me. I believe all these are important quality to enter the computer science or engineer field. I’m not so good at making a lot of friends, and being the most energetic person in the party (maybe I’m the worst on that). But when people in conversation of engineer and how things are done behind the science, that always bring up my energy level. This early signs, maybe not always positive, but those add together, give me more confidence and motivation to pursue my goal.

Third, I’ve quite some basic learning on coding, and how computer software should works. I might not be most knowledgeable person on computer science or coding among our class mates, but comparing to the students planing (or making) to the door of computer science, I definitely among the leading group to be qualify. I learned myself some java, python, html, css coding. Although these didn’t lead to any gold medal (I personally thinking getting a gold medal on that during high school doesn’t always be a good thing, as the early flower in the field doesn’t always give the best fruit), but it just good enough to give me enough understanding and motivation to go forward, which is most import to a high school student, IMO.

Last, but not the least, not giving me any advantage to get accepted by computer science or engineer field, but to help make my mind to go forward, is that, even I cannot get into the field at the end. The time invested, the knowledge gained, they would definitely not wasted, but to be put a good use. As having completed understanding to computer science and mathematics background with though understanding of some key language and algorithm, definitely would greatly help my future career, for any science or engineer field I would enter later.

Thank you for reading through all of this, if you can understand what I was saying, and agree at least part of it, do you want to help me fulfill my dream , my potential reality?

My plan:

One have to be realistic, and a plan has to consider all the exceptional scenarios. As a growing up, I have to learn to not live in a dream, but to pave the path that leading to it, brick by brick.

And time is tight, not one minute should be wasted. (Although rest and having fun is not a waste) with dedicated effort (left foot), and the mind set of dedication (right foot) shall bring my dream vision (my eyes) in to my reach of reality (my arm), then at the critical moment, grab it! don’t miss it.

If you read my paragraph, but still not get my plan, I am in a good process of making one.